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29 Jun
Your Skincare Routine: Are you doing it right?

With so many products on the shelf, it's so hard to know what to be using, how and when. Most of us ladies buy products without even knowing how to use them correctly or if we even need to use...

25 Nov
Rockin’ the Bright & Bold Lips

On a day-to-day basis, I like to keep my makeup as simple as possible. Although my job requires me to look tidy and a little glam, I don’t like to pile it high and scare away the customers! I do...

19 Oct
Yummy Home-made Body Scrubs

You are very welcome to try my 3 favourite tried and tested home-made body scrubs! Made with popular ingredients you may already have at home, or can purchase easily and cheaply. Substitutions: Feel free to substitute some ingredients. Remember that fresh ingredients...

19 Sep
Big Eyebrows: They’re Here to Stay!

Ladies, the "big brow" trend isn't going anywhere fast, so if you are considering growing out your brows now is the time! Here is my guide to getting big beautiful brows, and all the cheats...

12 Sep
Mascara Jungle: How to choose the right one for you.

As a makeup artist, people often ask me about my favourite products. "What's the best mascara?" is a popular question. There really is so much choice out there now that it's difficult to pinpoint the one and only best mascara....