Frequently Asked Questions


I constantly get asked questions about the services I offer and for tips and tricks when it comes to makeup application. Because a lot of these are regularly asked I decided to compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for your convenience. Please find the most commonly asked below. If you have any further questions don’s hesitate to contact me or just complete the online form here.

Q. Do I need to have a bridal trial?

A. No. But most ladies do, both as an excuse to get their makeup done, and for peace of mind.

Q. How soon before the wedding should I get my trial?

A. That’s totally up to you! Some ladies get it a year before, some a week or two.

Q. I’m not sure what I want. What do I do?

A. Don’t worry… that’s what the trial is all about. Bring along some pictures of makeup looks you might like, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll discuss your style of dress and what you like and simply try something out.

Q. How far do you travel for weddings, and how much extra is it?

A. I’m happy to travel for weddings. The price depends on the distance to travel, and how many faces there are in the party. Please enquire I’d be happy to send you a quote.

I generally cover weddings in Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Wexford and Wicklow, but often venture much further.

Q. How do I pay my €40 wedding deposit?

A. You can pay by bank transfer, send a cheque, postal order or bank draft, or drop it into me at the studio. Alternatively you can buy a voucher on this website via Papal

Q. Do you do makeup for all occasions?

A. Yes. I’d be delighted to fit you in at the studio, whatever the occasion or desired look. Enquire with the date and time you’d like and I’ll get back to you.

I do makeup for Wedding guests, Debs, Birthdays, Work nights out, Christmas Party makeup, Hen Party makeup etc.

Q. Do you do makeup lessons?

A. Yes. I do lessons for 1 – 3 ladies at my studio. For larger groups enquire about a call-out demonstration.

See services page for details.

Q. Do you do demonstrations or makeup master-classes for large groups, and how much?

A. Yes. The price depends on the location and group size and requirements. Please enquire.

See services page for details.

Q. I have a second day party, can I leave my eye-makeup and lashes on for the next day?

A. Yes. Although I don’t recommend doing this all the time in general! When I do their makeup and lashes, my clients regularly leave it on for the next day, just topping it up a bit if necessary. We joke and call it two for the price of one!

Q. Should I wear makeup to my appointment?

A. Please try to come to you appointment makeup-free… it’s not always possible I know! I perform a light Lancôme cleanse before every makeup application, and it’s much more beneficial if makeup is mostly removed already.

Q. Do you work for, or do you represent any brand?

A. No. It’s just me!

Q. What brands do you use?

A. I use a selection of only the best premium luxury brands, such as MAC, Chanel, Lancôme, Armani, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Bare Minerals, Benefit, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Q. Do I need a patch test for brow and lash treatments

A. Yes. I prefer all my clients to take a patch test. You can sign a waiver if you wish, but I recommend a patch test even if you are used to tinting and waxing, as brands may differ.

Q. I don’t have much eyebrow hair, will a tint and shape still work?

A. Yes. In most cases I can pick up on the tiny hairs with the tint to give shape. You might still have to use a pencil to fill in brows – which will be easier when you can follow the shape created.

Q. How long will a brow tint and shape last?

A. It varies from person to person. The brows usually fade a bit quicker as some of the tint is on the smaller hairs and skin which shed. The lashes should last several weeks. Brows can be maintained as instructed between visits.

Q. My eyes sometimes sting when I get a lash tint. Is this normal and can I still get one?

A. It’s normal for some people. Most people have no problem but some with more sensitive eyes feel a sting. It passes but you might not fancy it! I always feel the sting myself, but I’m willing to put up with it as is passes quickly for me. I’d recommend you get a patch test as you might be sensitive and might just want to stick to using mascara!

Q. Do you do semi-permanent lashes?

A. No. I do strip or individual lashes as part of makeup application.
I also do temporary lash extensions which last 3-5 days. See services page for details

Q. Can I apply makeup when wearing the temporary lashes?

A. Yes absolutely! Just be careful when applying eyeliner not to pull at the lashes.

Q. What are your opening hours?

A. I can work from very early at the studio, or on the road for shoots and weddings, to late evenings at events or demo so my hours can be quite flexible

Q. Where is your studio?

A. I’m at 37 Green Road. It’s in the estate opposite Carlow I.T. exit gates. Drive straight in and I’m on the left hand side facing the green. Click here for Map

Q. Is there parking at your studio?

A. Yes. There is street parking and also parking in the driveway.

Q. Is the studio wheelchair accessible?

A. No, I’m afraid not sorry. It’s located upstairs.

Q. How do I cancel my appointment?

A. That’s no problem. You can call or text (preferably if it’s short notice), or you can email or send me a message on Facebook.